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We create opportunities for girls like you.

We are an association that believes in generating opportunities for girls within the world of science and technology.


We know there is a gender gap in this Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics job market, and we are willing to give you the tools you need to be successful in this area.


In Costa Rica there is currently a high demand for professionals specialized in Information Technology (IT), especially in topics such as networks, cloud, and databases. One way to enter the labor market is through certifications. This work as a recognition granted by a company or person to someone who endorses their knowledge in a specific area.


Due to this, it is essential to promote technical and professional careers in the ICT area and promote certifications, since the success of a project, development of a software or application, design of a solution often depends on them. or even a business.

Rocket Babies

Students define the term robot, discuss examples of real-life robots, and discuss the positives and negatives of robots in the world. Learning robotics principles

Rocket Adviser

Our mentors are a perfect guide in specific situations such as the choice of university studies, job search, motivation, and student security.

Young Rockets

The Young Rocket High School program helps students make informed and intelligent decisions about their futures and nurture skills that will be very useful in business.

Inclusive Rockets

It was created to increase the employability rates of people from the LGBTQ + community in companies in the technology sector, strengthening the human capital that Costa Rica offers.

Rocket Boost for Rocket Girls

The program focused on strengthening psychological and professional skills to succeed in the world of work; based on mentoring, training on the impostor syndrome, and #IamRemarkable, we concentrate on psychologically accompanying future leaders.

Tech Academy

Discover our offer of courses, certifications and workshops.

These are some of our Results 2020:










How do we do it?

With the collaboration of our partners, Rocket Girls, we created various programs that will encourage entry into the STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), ensuring the certification of our participants in work areas that will provide opportunities for vocational development to achieve a professional life in which they can participate on equal terms.

Rocket Jobs

Send us your open positions; we will share them with our network.
We create the skills of the future and contribute to the selection of qualified personnel.
You can send the information to: jobs@rocketgirls.org, and we will share it weekly on our network


Our Partners

Rocket Girls seeks the professional growth of women in the area of Science and Technology with the support of: